Building B, Far Eastern Federal University Campus
Russky Island, Vladivostok, Russia


Nowadays, the Eastern Federal University (FEFU) Campus is the only innovative and multi-functional venue in the Russian Far East to accommodate any type of large-scale events, from conferences, congresses, forums, and industry tradeshows to cultural, social, and sporting events or business meetings of the regional, national and international levels.

The Campus Amenities include

  • 3 hotels offering modern and comfortable rooms
  • A parking space for 1,000 cars
  • Wi-Fi
  • Sberbank of Russia Office and ATMs
  • Cafes and canteens
  • A drug-store

Getting to the FEFU Campus from the mainland Vladivostok

Bus to the 'FEFU Campus' Bus Stop:

No.15 Primorsky Oceanarium - Primorsky Oceanarium

No.29д Voevoda – TC Izumrud

No.74 Primorsky Oceanarium - Balyaeva

No.76 Primorsky Oceanarium → Bukhta Tikhaya

No.77 Primorsky Oceanarium → Avtovokzal

Fixed-Route Taxi to the 'FEFU Campus' Stop:

No.22д Paris → TC Izumrud

No.29к Voevoda → Mini-TEC – Tsentralnaya

No.63 Primorsky Oceanarium → Mayak

No.75 Pozharnaya Academia → TC Tikhookeansky

By car


Five shuttle buses operate every 5-7 minutes around the FEFU Campus.